New buses in another city of Lithuania

Telšiai bus fleet purchased two new Isuzu buses – one “Turquoise” and one new “NovoCiti”.

Both buses are diesel, meeting the highest requirements of the Euro 6c environmental standards. “The buses are strong, they are already popular in other Lithuanian cities,” – emphasizes V. Šulga.

After signing the contract, the buses will be delivered to the customer in less than a month, and all the wishes of Telšiai carriers will be fulfilled. “Fast delivery of buses is one of our strengths. We invest in the provision of buses to our customers as soon as possible. As you know, regular buses need to be ordered for about six months, “says V. Šulga.

In addition, representatives of Isuzu in the Baltic countries are trying to be flexible as possible, he said. “In order that the client does not have to move every time from Telšiai to an authorized bus service for bus maintenance, we are going to introduce the specificity of the Isuzu bus to train the employees of the bus fleet Telšiai in the training organized by the manufacturer. Thus, they will be able to carry out minor repairs in the workshops of the bus fleet, “says Isuzu bus sales manager.

It is remarkable that more and more city leaders, passenger carriers understand that it is worth investing in new buses. “Manufacturers are trying to create more environmentally friendly, more comfortable, more aesthetically attractive buses. We improve the quality of passenger transportation when buying new cars. Only in this way we can expect that the residents of the district will use public transport, “said the new director of the Telšiai bus fleet Saulius Bučevicius.

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