Impressions after testing ISUZU Novociti Life

“Due to the competition in the market, the safety, comfort of drivers and passengers, the environment requirements, it is necessary to modernize the bus fleet. For example, it is important to optimize the route and choose the appropriate vehicle for the route, for example: a large bus also means more expensive repairs, maintenance costs and higher fuel costs.” E. Oblochinsky said.

“I don’t know if this is a coincidence, but with Novociti Life the flow of passengers has grown, they admire, and sometimes even photograph it.”

The bus is equipped with a modern system of  fuel consumption, route, maximum speed, idle control. The results show that the average fuel consumption is 17.5-18 l / 100 km, while the fuel consumption on a hot day when the air conditioner worked all day did not exceed 19 l / 100 km, the driver emphasized the same data.

“It’s great that ISUZU gives us the opportunity to test buses of different specifications, which allow us to choose the bus that is most useful for each fleet, in accordance with the required parameters and specifications.”