Another national bus fleet renewed

Congratulations to Joniškis bus fleet on purchasing two new ISUZU “Turquoise” buses, which are time-tested, reliable, comfortable not only for passengers but also for the driver. We wish you a good road, safe and comfortable travel!

The  Joniškis bus fleet has renewed one third of the existing bus fleet in the last three years. Older buses have been replaced by newer or new buses. 🆕🚌

For three years, the company have acquired six completely new ISUZU buses. The ISUZU Visigo, ISUZU Turquoise and ISUZU Novo Ultra buses arrived in the park.👍🏻

“It’s great that a small outskirts of the town of Lithuania is so beautiful. Not only the vehicle fleet, in the meantime, renew its fleet of services for passengers, but also treasured in the park. Well-preserved territory protection, equipped with video cameras. Also renovated courtyard, station area. It is monitored by camera twenty four hours a day. Changed the workshop garage door, painted workshop walls, administrative premises. The passenger lounge is equipped with an automatic coffee machine. Having come to Joniškis to transfer new buses, I noticed so good things “, – impressions are shared by UAB” Saločiai ir partneriai ” ISUZU bus sales manager Vygantas Šulga.

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