Good news from Druskininkų Bus Fleet!

In July, another country buses park was restored. A private Druskininkai carrier has purchased a new Isuzu Visigo bus.

Initially, the company “Saločiai ir parteriai” provided the opportunity to try out a vehicle for Druskininkai bus fleet. After about two weeks of testing, the Druskininkai decided to buy a bus. “We brought the new Isuzu Visigo as a demonstration to enable Lithuanian carriers to evaluate their capabilities. We are glad that the bus was bought by the first carrier who tested it, “says Vygantas Šulga, sales manager of the company” Saločiai ir partneriai “.

The Isuzu Visigo is 9.5 m long, with 37 + 1 + 1 seating space. At the rear of the bus is the Cummins engine. The cabin has plenty of space, the passenger seat comfortably bends and stops towards the door, its wide, soft. In front, the Isuzu Visigo model features a panoramic glass roof. In addition, there is an integrated fridge in the bus, and a coffe mashine.

“We have been increasing our share of our clients recently: we pay for one year lease payments, third-party liability insurance for the first year, and also apply the cost of exposition to buses sold. We are glad that the demonstration round of the Isuzu Visigo arriving in Lithuania was so short, “says V. Šulga. He is promising that more Isuzu buses will arrive in Lithuania soon.

Text Lina Jakubauskienė,

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