Isuzu "NovoCiti Life" is the leader in its segment

Isuzu "NovoCiti Life", the leader in the segment of city buses with a total length of 7-8 m, with its compact dimensions, low fuel consumption, maneuverability and technical data. Enjoy a comfortable trip…

Šalčininkai 12 years choose us!

12 years of continuous cooperation !!! JSC "Šalčininkų autobusų parkas" year after year choose our buses. In July the bus park of the city of Šalčininkai was renovated by buses ISUZU. Bus fleet…

NovoCiti Life uses an energy-efficient engine

NovoCiti Life uses an energy-saving engine to save on operating costs due to high durability, as well as Hi-e SCR technology and Euro 6C standards, which do not require EGR (exhaust gas processing).