This ISUZU Novo series school bus has a 190 hp Isuzu engine and can carry 29 people and luggage. With safety equipment such as front and rear disc brakes, ABS, AEBS, ESC, LDWS and daytime running lights, Isuzu Novo makes both passengers and drivers feel safe. Novo offers technology, safety, and comfort in a single vehicle, with the optional radio mp3 player, electric side mirrors and LCD monitor equipment as standard.

Manufacturer assures safer and more comfortable trips for students with significant improvements:

  • Interior & Exterior Security Cameras. 5 interior and 2 exterior security cameras are located to monitor boarding of students and their status on seats in need to let them travel in safe. Exterior cameras, with availability of 360 degree point of view, lets driver to act more secure in traffic.
  •  Seats With Sensors. Driver can watch which seats are empty or full by the monitor located on dashboard and sensors that are fitted in the seats. These sensors can weigh heaviness of an object or person which is heavier than 9 kgs and shows at the monitor on dashboard. If a seat is assumed as full by the sensors when engine stops, system gives a loud warning sound and enables hazard lights (flashers). In addition to these, if driver leaves the vehicle, system activates horn to warn driver and others around the vehicle.
  • 3 Pointed, Adjustable Seat Belts. Anadolu Isuzu enables the first safety condition on traffic by availability of 3 pointed, height adjustable seats belts on passenger seats. Sensors in the seats warns driver by monitor about the passengers who do not use the seat belts. All of the seat belts are adjustable according to the height of children and equipped with covers to protect necks of passengers. 


  • Vehicle Tracking System. Vehicles can be tracked instantly and system records the routes of each vehicle and stores for 30 days.


  • Colorless Glasses. Students are easily noticeable from the outside of the bus with the colorless glasses.


  • Door Security System. While the door is closing, sensor can detect an object or person and lets door to re-open automatically in able to avoid unexpected accident on boarding.

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