At 2018 November 8th ISUZU Bus invited representatives of passenger transport of different cities and other guests to get acquainted with the latest Isuzu city bus – Novociti Life.  In Vilnius, this bus stopped while taking part in an impressive EURO Tour, in which 25 European countries will be visited and after 50 days will complete 20 000 km. The Isuzu premiere was not only inspected, but also tested at the adjacent extreme driving range.

“Novociti Life” conception was based on the basics of the bus –

  • for people;
  • for city;
  • for life.


This compact, low-ended, 8-meter bus features a capacity of up to 60 passengers (different seating options are possible according to customers’ needs) and special maneuverability in small and narrow streets of cities (turning radius 8,900 mm). At the rear of the ISUZU Novociti Life, a 4.5 FPT (Fiat powertrain) NEF 4 engine (186 HP and 680 Nm) is installed. The access to the engine is particularly comfortable, since the rear covers are very wide open, so the engine can be reached even at an angle of 180 degrees.

ISUZU “Novociti Life“ gale montuojamas 4,5  FPT (“Fiat” powertrain) NEF 4 variklis (186 AG ir 680 Nm). Priėjimas prie variklio itin patogus, nes galiniai dangčiai atsidaro labai plačiai, tad variklis tampa pasiekiamas net 180 laipsnių kampu.

The gearbox can be ZF mechanical and Allison (Allison 2100 / Allison T3270R xFE) automatic. This bus is equipped with 130 liters of fuel and 30 liters of Ad Blue tank. The driver is equipped with an ergonomic and spacious work space, and the most up-to-date security systems, video cameras are equipped for passenger safety. This bus is handy for people with disabilities – visual (indicating anchors), hearing aid (route arrow), movement (spacious trolley area, lower window line with holders, ramp with sensor). The bottom-right navigation function will ensure easy access not only for people with disabilities, but also for seniors and children with wheelchairs. The passenger cabin has USB ports, STOP and disabled boarding buttons.

Isuzu Novociti Life has already been able to win the prestigious Awards for the A’DESIGN AWARD WINNER 2018 GOLD Gold Medal.


Photo.: R. Budrys

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